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The Top 10 Ways To Detoxify Your Body And Live Chemical Free

The Toxins in the EnvironmentThe body can easily become overwhelmed due to the large amount of toxins in the environment.  Food is filled with pesticides, chemicals, genetically modified ingredients, pharmaceuticals and various drugs. There are toxins and pollution in the air. According to the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency, there are approximately 80,000 toxic chemicals in the environment.The body must be detoxified to achieve a better state of health. The majority of beauty products and technical gadgets contain toxins. Chemicals such as toxic flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde, and BPA absorb into the body. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, obesity, heart disease, asthma, and infertility. The impact on the children is even worse because they are not yet fully developed. The Environmental Health Perspectives journal recently released a study showing individuals exposed to flame retardants and chemicals may be at a higher risk for breast cancer. There is no way to eliminate chemicals completely but there are ten excellent ways to detoxify and remove chemicals from the body.Eating OrganicallyThe amount of toxic chemicals consumed in the average diet can be significantly reduced by carefully choosing the right foods. A large percentage of foods found in the local grocery store are filled with preservatives and chemicals. This is especially true for most processed meats, frozen meals and foods purchased in either jars or cans. Many of these chemicals can be eliminated by selecting healthier organic foods and options. Numerous individuals with immune and digestive issues have turned to mimosa pudica.Selecting vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy products certified as organic can greatly reduce the exposure to hormones and pesticides. However, antibiotics and pesticides are not used to grow organic foods. Food can also be purchased at a farmers market, organic stores and often directly from the farmer. Not only do these types of purchases help support the local economy, they help reduce the amount of toxins consumed for a healthier lifestyle.The Importance of Reading the LabelsThere are more chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care products than almost any other source. The problem is, these kinds of products are designed to absorb quickly and directly into the skin. Reading the labels for products including lotion, sunscreen, sunblock, shaving cream, liquid and bar soaps, shampoo, conditioner, etc. is critical. It is very important to look for products free of both paraben and phthalate. Another ingredient that should be avoided is retinyl palmitate. This is a type of vitamin A but the sun causes it to break down. This has been linked to both skin lesions and tumors.Exercising the BodyThe body will store toxic chemicals. When the body exercises, the fat cells are broken down and the chemicals are flushed out. Exercise is also good for the heart, keeping the body fit and toned, and keeping off excess weight.The Detox and Cleansing PlansMost people have seen a wide variety of plans to detox the body. Unfortunately, the majority are not healthy or particularly effective in ridding the body of toxins. Numerous studies have revealed when the body sweats, more chemicals are eliminated than with most detox plans. This is especially true for BPA and it is important to realize BPA has been linked to a wide variety of health problems. The most common source of BPA is plastics.Reducing the Saturated FatsMany of the most toxic chemicals are drawn to fat. Once these chemicals have entered the body they will go directly to the fat cells. The two highest sources of saturated fats are fried foods and most meats. It is not necessary to completely give up these products but it is important to consume them in moderation.The Impact of Cleaning ProductsMost cleaning products are potent and toxic to breathe. There are organic, green, natural, and chemical-free cleaners available. A lot of them use citrus such as orange, lemon, or lime for cleaning power. While these products are much better than the traditional cleaners packed with chemicals, it is best to use any cleaner sparingly. One of the worst offenders are disinfectants and they should only be used when necessary.The Cleanliness of the Indoor AirThe air inside of a home can be just as toxic as the environment. People spend a lot of time at home and breathe in the chemicals found in paint, new flooring, carpet, and padding. There are products that emit gasses from certain liquids or even solids. One of the best ways to improve the air quality and reduce the amount of chemicals in the body is to simply open the windows and let the fresh air cleanse the home.The Danger of PlasticsMost people use plastic for microwaving and storing foods. When plastic is microwaved, the BPA can go directly into the food. Plastic should never be placed into the microwave. There are also a lot of chemicals in nonstick pans making stainless steel a healthier choice.Drinking WaterWater is an excellent way to flush toxins from the body. According to the latest research, males should drink 3.7 liters per day and females 2.7 to receive the optimal amount.Eliminating White FlourConsuming white flour causes the digestive system to overwork, leading to digestive disorders and difficulty maintaining normal bowel movements. There are numerous flours that can be substituted for white flour including kamut, brown rice, quinoa, cornmeal, and buckwheat flours. Consuming whole grain bread is much better for the body than white bread.The Bottom LineThe above tips will help detoxify the body so life can be free of chemicals. This will enable these individuals to be healthier and keep many of the chemicals out of their bodies. 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