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One More Reason to Say No: Drugs Ruin Your Health AND Your Looks

Although the harmful effects of drugs on your health have been researched and well-noted, what a lot of people do not realize is how much the use of drugs can negatively impact the health of your skin. Experimenting with drugs is one of the very worst things that you can do for both your overall health and your skin. Here are a few ways that various drugs can affect your physical appearance:CigarettesThe nicotine present in cigarettes causes blood vessels to narrow and constrict, reducing blood flow to the skin. Without as much crucial blood flow, skin is deprived of oxygen and vitamin A. Because of this deprivation, the skin will start to sag and age prematurely. Not only will wrinkles begin to form on your face, but the skin on other parts of the body will also be affected.CanyonRanch explains that lots of the chemicals found in cigarette smoke destroy collagen and elastin, which are fibers that keep your skin wrinkle-free. If you want to keep your skin young and fresh, smoking is a one-way train to aged wrinkles.OpioidsThe most commonly abused opioids include heroin and the prescription drug OxyContin. The abuse of these drugs can manifest themselves in pink to red flushing of the skin and a constant rash of bumps. Heroin addicts suffer from a loss of skin radiance while the texture begins to look dull and lifeless. Opioid users also can develop painful scabs on the skin as a result of the intense dryness. These scabs can lead to permanent scarring.MethAs one of the most visibly destructive drugs, the harmful effects of meth on the body have been well-documented. As The Recovery Village points out, meth does more than destroy your organs. It also ages your skin, rots your teeth, and creates open sores that no concealer will be able to hide.Because meth destroys blood vessels and vital tissue, the body is not able to repair itself. This can result in drooping of the skin and severe acne. Meth users also often believe that there are bugs under their skin, causing them to scratch their skin until painful red sores develop.OxycodoneThe overuse and abuse of this prescription drug come with a host of powerful side effects. One telling sign of oxycodone abuse is bloodshot eyes. A flushed skin appearance can also be the direct result of not using this drug as directed. Lastly, because it can cause weight gain and then loss, the skin may begin to sag.CocaineAs an incredibly addictive and powerful drug, cocaine affects every organ in the body from head to toe. Those users that administer the medication via needles end up with visible track marks along their skin. Needles can also cause skin ulcers and open sores along with a variety of infections. The paranoia that often results from cocaine use can lead people to pick at their skin and irritate it even further. Cocaine users also have prominently inflamed noses due to the snorting.Using drugs comes with a host of disastrous effects on the body. Not only can it cause vital organs to shut down, but it can also significantly affect your physical appearance, especially your skin, teeth, and hair.
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