The Effects of Aging on Your Body — and What You Can Do to Stop It

The Effects of Aging on Your Body — and What You Can Do to Stop It

Age creeps up on us slowly, until one day we look in the mirror and feel like it came out of nowhere. Some people rue the cosmetic aspects of aging, while others are more concerned about how it can affect their day-to-day life. Here are some of the effects aging can have on your body and how you can slow the process down.

What Happens to the Human Body as it Ages?

Dr. Susan Locke explains that as you get older, various actions and body parts don't have the same function or appearance as they did when you were at your physical peak. Your skin can get drier, your hair can thin out, and your skin will develop wrinkles. These are all normal things, and are minor issues that aren’t medically significant. However, if you haven't been taking care of your body by eating right and avoiding tobacco and excessive drinking, you might find that aging is taking a much bigger toll on you than you first expected. The desire to indulge in guilty pleasures like a sedentary lifestyle will be hard to justify when you have to contend with serious health issues later in life.

Why Does the Body Age?

With age, things like bones and muscles are depleted of their vitality. For example, bones experience mineral loss — you may know this better as osteoporosis. According to Rejuvenate, changes to your bones and muscles can result in weight fluctuations and limited mobility. However, if you've met enough elderly individuals, you should realize that not everyone goes through the same aging problems at the same time. If you're able to keep yourself healthy, you might be able to avoid having to use a wheelchair or other mobility assistance for many years. It's also good to be in communication with your doctor, and listen to any advice they share about how you can take better care of your body.

What You Can Do to Slow the Aging Process

There is no serum that can make someone look like they're in their 20s when they're actually in their 70s or completely reverse every single part of aging. However, there are measures that can be taken that can keep the aging process from accelerating, especially if you take them ahead of time. For cosmetic purposes, you can use things like high-quality skin care to keep your skin looking fresh. According to ASEA, redox signalling supplements may be particularly helpful in fighting the effects of aging on a cellular level. You can also try supplements, such as zinc, to give your body the nutrients it needs for maintenance and healing. 

Not wanting to age prematurely doesn't make you shallow. It's completely legitimate to want to feel your best no matter what age you are. While anti-aging action most often focuses on the cosmetic, taking measures against the effects of aging has many physiological benefits as well. It’s never too late to change your routine and give your body a second chance.

Start taking better care of your skin today!

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