Natural Caffeine Eye Serum Works Instantly on Puffy Eyes

Natural Caffeine Eye Serum Works Instantly on Puffy Eyes

Caffeine, it’s the new hot ingredient in Natural Skincare. 

Caffeine is known as an antioxidant, just like vitamin C, and when antioxidants are included in eye serums, these formulas can help protect against damage and keep your eye area looking its best.

Cocoroo Skincare has been seeing results in its Total ReJAVAnation Coffee Body Scrub for 7 years and now the medical research is catching up to this innovative woman owned brand.

Research shows that thanks to its antioxidant properties, caffeine may help reduce your chances of developing wrinkles and slow down the process of photoaging. Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? Everyone wants to perform their best and feeling good is where it all starts.

Eye Serum formulated with caffeine are fast becoming popular picks for dark eye circles because studies indicate topical caffeine application is effective for reducing their appearance.

This is what happens: The caffeine helps blood circulate around your eyes and accelerates blood flow. This may not sound like it would impact how you look, but it actually has an instant effect, making the skin surrounding your eyes look fresh and rejuvenated. You can also feel the caffeine and the energy we all love.

Whilst the big brands charge an arm and a leg for the same results, CocoRoo by NuTreatments always has the best value products in the beauty market. As a woman owned business, that leads in innovation, “being copied by the billion dollar corporations always feels like an honor,” says the humble, innovator Jill Howarth.

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