Is Accutane Worth the Risk for Better Skin?

Acne affects millions of Americans, primarily teenagers and young adults. In mild cases, acne resolves itself after adolescence and does not cause any permanent harm. Sometimes, though, acne can be extremely painful, leave scars, and even pose health risks. There are several treatments for acne ranging from minor to major. Lifestyle adjustments like diet modification can be effective in some cases. Others may require medication like Accutane, especially if initial efforts fail to produce results. Accutane is an effective treatment for acne, but it is also one of the riskiest. Here is a brief introduction to Accutane, why it is controversial, and some advice for determining whether it is right for you.

Yes, Accutane Seems to Be a Miracle Cure

Accutane works in many hard-to-treat cases where other interventions have failed, prompting many to dub Accutane a “last resort” option. A large percentage of patients who take Accutane see the permanent clearance of acne. Most other acne treatments provide only temporary relief because the acne returns after the medication is stopped. The effectiveness of Accutane has encouraged dermatologists to continue prescribing it in certain circumstances despite the risks associated with it.

But It Has a Dark Side

Side effects of Accutane range from mild to severe. Common side effects include dry mouth, nosebleeds, peeling skin, and other issues with the skin. These are usually not serious. However, dramatic and sometimes fatal side effects are well documented. Some patients have developed Crohn's disease believed to have been caused by their use of isotretinoin (Accutane). Accutane is so potentially dangerous, in fact, that the FDA requires a specific release form called iPLEDGE to be signed before any individual is prescribed the drug. This form includes a written promise to take the medication as prescribed, not to share the drug with others, and to not engage in certain behaviors that may put the patient’s long-term health at risk. Another drawback of the drug is that Accutane is very expensive.

Ultimately, Natural Skincare Is Better

Because there are so many risks with Accutane, natural skincare is the best option. There are a number of natural remedies, and many of these have been used for hundreds of years. They also don't come with dangerous side effects like Accutane does. One great natural product for acne is Total ReJAVAnation Coffee Scrub.


In the right circumstances, Accutane can be a miracle drug for acne. Users and prescribers must exercise extreme caution, though, when choosing this method of treatment. Ultimately, natural remedies for skin issues are the better option.

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