Coffee Body Scrub your new beauty secret

Coffee Body Scrub your new beauty secret

Total ReJAVAnation Coffee Body Scrub by CocoRoo is the best coffee body scrub on the market. It’s not only 100% natural, with freshly ground and lightly roasted, organic arabica coffee beans, it’s great for the environment with no plastic micro beads.

The benefits of caffeine topically applied to the skin are becoming widely known and is no longer a tightly kept beauty industry secret. Caffeine tightens the skin, improves elasticity, improves unsightly cellulite and the antioxidants encourage collagen production. The coffee grounds themselves, remove old skin cells and renew the skin, whilst the compounds in the caffeine refresh the skin leaving the skin glowing.

CocoRoo by NuTreatments has the only 100% natural coffee body scrub in a tube. 

Bags don’t work. For a start I don’t want my nails to be full of coffee after I dip my hand in a bag to get it out. The same with jars. A tube is hygienic. Genius some have said.

CocoRoo is the best coffee scrub on the market and it’s also the best design for the consumers health. 

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