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3 Organic Makeup Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Natural beauty treatments are important to make yourself look and feel beautiful. Healthy living advocates swear by essential oils and natural ingredients for makeup you can create at home.

Our guide is easy for the crafty person who wants to use all-natural beauty products and prefers the finest look from head to toe. Read on to find out!


Eyeshadow is a beauty enhancer to bring out the colors of your eyes. You can create your own eyeshadow at home with mineral clay and natural oils for a truly stunning look. Use natural ash clay as a base and provide the necessary ingredients for color.

Cocoa powder makes a fantastic brown shade to enhance blue eyes. Mica powder creates a natural shimmer and glitter for a sheen atop your eyelids. Oils create a darker shade, so don't be afraid to experiment with layers.


Source: DIY Beauty Base

Lip Stain

If you're looking for recipes for a natural organic lip stain, here's a great guide to many flavors.


5 cherries
1 drop Lemon oil
1 teaspoon Coconut Oil


5 blackberries
12 drops Lavender oil
1 teaspoon Coconut Oil

Raspberry-Blackberry Peppermint

5 blackberries
5 raspberries
2 drops Peppermint oil
1 teaspoon Coconut Oil


2-3 tablespoons pomegranate seeds
1 drop Grapefruit oil
1 teaspoon Coconut Oil

Place your chosen fruit and essential oil into a small bowl. Add coconut oil and mash the fruit into a soupy mixture. Drain the liquid into an airtight container, removing any chunks. Store in refrigerator for long-term use. Apply a layer or two to lips and enjoy your customized, 100 percent natural, gorgeous lip stain.


Source: doTERRA

Setting Powder

Many people overlook the power of setting powder after a full face of makeup. Luckily, all shades and skin tones can benefit from this product. Translucent face powder is acceptable for stage makeup and is easily crafted with arrowroot powder and cornstarch with cocoa powder for your desired tone.


Source: Little Green Dot

You can also use cornstarch to dab access oil from your roots or use minimally to absolve oil from your face. This kitchen ingredient works for many beauty wonders.

Whether you're looking to spend less money on beauty products or wanting to go green, we hope these tips help you on your journey. Make sure to test any allergens before finding your desired routine.

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