3 Natural Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Gorgeous

3 Natural Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Gorgeous

Our eyes are often the first place we start to notice those fine lines creeping in. While we can’t stop aging (yet), there’s plenty we can do to pamper our eye area, keeping it looking younger for longer. The upside is that what is good for your delicate eye area is gentle enough for use on the rest of your face.

Coffee Grounds

There are marvelous cosmetics and beauty products made with coffee grounds that can temporarily tighten skin under the eyes and banish dark circles, leaving your beautiful eyes looking fresh and fabulous. 

Coffee is antioxidant-rich and the caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor, deflating blood vessels to reduce puffiness, redness, and swelling in the eye area. Since coffee is a diuretic, it temporarily draws fluid from the skin to shrink cell size to tighten the area.

Even drinking coffee may hold skin benefits. Coffee drinkers were less likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. Don’t throw out your sunscreen just yet, though. Nothing substitutes for the protection of a good sunscreen, so think of your morning coffee as another layer of UV defense.

Rose Water

If you thought coffee smelled good, enter rose water. Rose water hydrates and restores your skin’s neutral pH of 7 and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. On top of these many benefits, rose water can also help reduce certain skin conditions and their symptoms.

An easy way to apply rose water is to cut a cotton facial round in half, soak with rose water, and apply under your eye. It will stick there lightly, so you can leave it in place for 5-10 minutes while you do your hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil makes your skin soft and smooth. This oil is rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps prevent the oxidative damage responsible for those telltale signs of aging.

This is a great undereye treatment to give yourself before bed, after washing off all the day’s makeup. Gently dab it on with your ring finger, without pulling, making sure to get all the fine lines. It’s equally good for the rest of the face, but go lightly. You’ll wake in the morning with fresh, bright skin that feels amazing to touch.

These three tips can help you start your day looking fresh and dewy. All of these smell delightful, which is sure to boost your morning mood.
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